Hey, I'm Ivan


I am a serial dreamer, thinker, my brain never stops. Change is my lifeblood, I change constantly: life, dreams, goals, idea. I can’t stand still, life doesn’t wait. I am curious and I love learning. I came to photography by “chance”, like so many wonderful things that “just happen”.

LOVE: animals,  music, pizza, travel, the sea, the spring.
HATE: routine, talk early in the morning, prejudices, the closed minds,  “rules”.

I worked 7 years in Switzerland as Wedding Photographer, now I live and work like Wedding Photographer in Fuerteventura, but I still work as a Wedding Photographer in Switzerland . I travel worldwide for photograph your love. As I say, now I’m in Canary Islands but if you looking for a wedding photographer in Switzerland don’t worry, I can come to you. I’m available for Destination Wedding photography and worldwide travel.


It was far (but not too much) 2016 when I officially created a new reality called Ivan Pellegatta Photography. What until now, the very distant 2009, when I started taking pictures, had been a dream in the drawer.

I love to travel a lot, because it allows me to live new things: to discover unknown places, to know different cultures, to understand the different ways of living. What excites me most is that no matter how much you try to create a program, there is always a surprise around the corner and in the end you end up upsetting everything and following your instinct by being guided by the whirlwind of emotions triggered by seeing the different environments, shapes, colors, and the various subjects that animate them through their gestures and expressions.

During my travels I try to capture through photography the different nuances that characterize a given environment, from the landscape to the uses and customs of the cultures that populate it, in order to describe the incredible emotions aroused.

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