I’m Ivan and I’m a wedding photographer, couples and families photographer in Ticino, Switzerland, being a wedding photographer is what I like, what I love. I am a partner and “dad” of three wonderful dogs.
I like to tell stories, I like to tell people. I do it with my photography. I try to say what I see in an authentic and spontaneous way.
I don’t like being a protagonist, but a discreet narrator. My photographs will talk about you, who you are, the beauty of your love. This is what you will find in my shots.


Photo and Video Service for Wedding, Couples and Family.

Starting from 2016 I started a new reality called Ivan Pellegatta Photography, I tell all the best moments of a couple or a family. I try to tune in to my subjects in order to take the most natural and emotional images possible.

With the team of photographers and video makers who collaborate with me, we tell the story of your love taking care of every detail, from the engagement to the wedding day, portraying all the special moments of a couple in reportage style.

I love to travel a lot, because it allows me to live new things: to discover unknown places, to know different cultures, to understand the different ways of living. What excites me most is that no matter how much you try to create a program, there is always a surprise around the corner and in the end you end up upsetting everything and following your instinct by being guided by the whirlwind of emotions triggered by seeing the different environments, shapes, colors, and the various subjects that animate them through their gestures and expressions.

During my travels I try to capture through photography the different nuances that characterize a given environment, from the landscape to the uses and customs of the cultures that populate it, in order to describe the incredible emotions aroused.