What are your rates?

My commission starts from a base of Fr. 1,450 (or 1300 Eur), for the wedding photo service only (albums, prints or travel expenses abroad are excluded). Let me know your needs and I will send you a detailed personalized quote.

How far are you going?

Everywhere! Distance is not a problem; I love traveling all over the world.

How many photos do you deliver?

In a full day wedding I usually hand over 300 to 500 photographs selected and processed in HD.

Can you also print an album for us?

Of course! I work with top-level artisans who manually assemble all the wedding albums I print, as well as having a vast range of materials and papers.

Can my friends and parents take photos during the wedding?

Of course yes, in respect of my work, that you have paid.

Is there a time term or a limited number of photos for the wedding service?

I do not impose limits on the number of shots. I offer a basic package with 8 hours of coverage, I also offer limited packages (4 hours, etc.) And packages without time limits: I am at your disposal whenever you need me during the day.

Ok, we want you as a photographer! How can we book?

Very easy! Contact me to check my availability and, once you set the date and type of services, we could be in my office or if you’re away, just send me a 50% deposit. You can pay as you prefer: credit card, Pay Pal, bank transfer etc. etc.

Do you concede printing rights?

Of course, you can print as many photos as you want, where you want and how you want.

Are you a full-time professional photographer?

Yes, I am registered as an independent professional in the Swiss Confederation.

What equipment do you use?

I use Sony professional camera and various lenses. Find my equipment on KIT