Wedding Photographer in Canton Tessin

I’m Ivan, an exclusive Italian photographer specializing in portraits and wedding photography. I mainly live in the Canton of Ticino , but as a wedding photographer, I work all over Switzerland, in Italy, in Europe and abroad. I love to travel and meet new people, new places, cultures and tell new stories and fantastic emotions. Your stories. My style is a mix between spontaneous reportage photography and creative and intimate portraits. I hope you will like my site and my photos.

Lasts Story Telling

Unique & Personal

In every story I get involved completely, I like to create complicity with the married couples so that I can narrate a wedding photographic story that is a unique and personal memory for them.

I like that situations and stories happen without forcing or building them, in order to keep the truthfulness of an event full of emotions like marriage as it is.

Through photography I like to tell: the authenticity, transparency and nudity of human emotions.

M e m o r y  a n d  E m o t i o n

Memories are nothing more than images of the most exciting moments of our past that are stored in memory. Memory and emotion: two key aspects that, by browsing through the photos of your wedding, will accompany you to relive that unforgettable day.

During the wedding, observing the newlyweds to live their own fairy tale, I always wonder what they will remember in a clear way of that day so full of emotions, aware that they will relive all the most exciting moments through my photographs taken on the wedding day.

In a certain sense, I feel the custodian of their memories: a person they trust who can preserve the moments lived in the day that will remain unique and indelible for eternity.