Lucia + Mauro

August 26, 2019
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August 26, 2019 Ivan Pellegatta

Lucia + Mauro

Wedding in Minusio, Canton Ticino, Switzerland. The wedding took place in the religious ceremony at the small church of Villa San Quirico in Minusio, the reception at the Golf Club in Losone.

The spouses are preparing in the homes of their parents, the bride in Minusio, the groom in Losone.

The religious ceremony is held in the church inside Villa San Quirico in Minusio. A truly wonderful location with the villa, the garden and the church inside it. The bride arrives on a convertible beetle and the entrance is full of emotions.

After the ceremony, we take advantage of the garden of the Villa San Quirico for a couple of shots, a candid photo with a frame and group photos with relatives. We then move to the Losone Golf Club where the party begins, an aperitif on the veranda of the Golf Club for the guests while we dedicate ourselves to artistic couple photos in the immense and suggestive spaces of golf.

Dinner flows fast, there have been the classic speeches of the spouses and witnesses who go as much in America and in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Exciting moments that I envy a lot of these cultures. After dinner we immediately go to the cutting of the cake and then to the dances unleashed until late at night. All dancing like crazy from the youngest to the oldest.

It was truly a beautiful wedding between Losone and Minusio, Canton Ticino, Switzerland. I leave you with an extract of my report that best expresses the spirit of this fantastic day.

Ceremony Location: Chiesa Villa San Quirico – Minusio

Dinner Location : Tessin Club Losone

Artistic Couple Photoshoot: Tennis Club Losone