Marzo 27, 2019 Ivan Pellegatta

A little blablabla for SEO.
Do you know all those beautiful stories, you read on my colleagues websites about the bride and groom? Now, at the beginning of each reportage, I should also bore you, writing some bullshit just for the sake of SEO, or the search engines. But the problem is simple: I’m not a writer, but a photographer, so I’m not good at writing and I know that you have no time to waste. My language and expression are based on images, so I would only waste precious time. So, frankly, I won’t write about a nice wedding reportage in Switzerland, made by an unconventional wedding photographer in Switzerland. I won’t even call myself an engagement photographer in Switzerland. Oh no, I won’t tell you the story of the bride and groom or some random phrases, just to use the words wedding dress, wedding details or wedding cake. Perhaps, however, it could be useful to talk about this fantastic wedding in Minusio in Switzerland, with a reception at Ristorante L’approdo, but I really don’t think I will.

Or maybe I just did it. Who knows. We let the photos speak.

Photographer: Ivan Pellegatta
Ceremony: Chiesa Cabbio – Menrisiotto
Location Couple session: Mulino di Bruzella – Mendrisiotto
Catering: Catering by Mattarello – Balerna

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